Jon Klassen's Hat Box | 3 Book Set | Author: Jon Klassen

Hold on to all of your hats at once for this special collection of Jon Klassen’s celebrated hat trilogy!

The bear’s hat is gone, and he wants it back. A fish has stolen a hat; will he get away with it? Two turtles have found one hat, but the hat looks good on both of them. . . . Jon Klassen’s deliciously deadpan hat tales continue to surprise and delight readers of all ages, and they are all now available in one impeccably designed boxed. This gorgeous, giftable collection contains not just the beloved Klassen hat trilogy, but an exclusive print as well. Included Titles are: I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not My Hat AND We Found a Hat.

  • Author and Illustrator: Jon Kalssen
  • 3 books presented in a gift box designed by Jon Klassen
  • 30 x 23 x 4cm
  • Hardcover

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