Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now | Author: Carmen Winant

Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now is a timely and explosive book by artist and writer Carmen Winant. An investigation of a genre of photographs Winant calls 'instructional', it asks: can photographs teach, in and of themselves? If so, how might we look to them to demonstrate new possibilities, from social organising to self-actualisation?

Alternating between found images and shorter, text-based observations, Winant delves into this new category of images through her own collection, understanding them as something beyond, or at least in between, documentary and fine art. Instructional Photographs is a treatise in photographic categorisation, but also informed compassion: we understand our bodies – and the conditions of our world – best when they are faithfully related back to us.

14.8 x 10.5cm
120 pages

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