Illuminated: A Journal for Your Tarot Practice | Author: Caitlin Keegan

Develop your intuition and hone your personal tarot practice with this journal featuring descriptions of each card, thought-provoking questions, and space to reflect on the spiritual connections you make with every tarot reading.

Illuminated: A Journal for Your Tarot Practice is at once a primer on tarot and a sacred space to record and reflect on your readings. As you cultivate a personal practice-whether you pull a daily card to set an intention or a spread to ask for guidance on a time-sensitive obstacle-this journal is a place to work through tough challenges, come to surprising conclusions, and see things clearly.

An informative introduction includes tips for beginners followed by a glossary of the seventy-eight cards in a standard deck. The common interpretations are listed for each card, along with a pair of corresponding questions for the reader to reflect on. The Fool card, for example, typically represents a curious, fearless novice who is open to change and ready for anything. When you pull the Fool, you'll be asked to consider- How can I be more playful and less fearful? What journey is about to begin? As you strengthen your understanding of tarot, Illuminated will help light the way to more introspective readings and a deeper connection to the spiritual world around you.

18.2 x 13.6cm
208 pages


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