How to Eat a Book | Author: Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod

One by one, Sheila, Gerald, and Geraldine are their books. This peculiar turn of events flings them far and wide. Sheila escapes the weight of the world entirely, while Gerald braves the wonder of seeing it up close. And Geraldine, well, Geraldine turns as terrifically terrible as she possibly can.

Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod craft a whimsical, modern celebration of books ? with hints of Shel Silverstein and a splattering of Edward Gorey. Each page is fantastically illustrated with dipped pen-and-ink cutout art, photographed in a three-dimensional stage diorama, and digitally coloured. The result is an irresistible world bursting with charm and character.

27.6 x 21.5cm
48 pages

Collections: KIDS, KIDS BOOKS

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