Horatio Squeak | Author: Karen Foxlee

Award-winning children's fiction author Karen Foxlee makes her picture book debut with this classic hero story about the difference one small voice can make.

In a very fine house, on a very grand street, Lived the tiniest mouse you could possibly meet. The youngest of twelve, he was timid and slight, But he was always, ALWAYS very polite. When tiny Horatio Squeak is invited to a mysterious party at the top of the stairs, he finds himself in the unexpected company of kittens with dreadfully bright teeth and dreadfully sharp claws.

Karen Foxlee is an Australian author who writes for both kids and young-adults.Her award-winning novels include Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy, A Most Magical Girl and Lenny’s Book of Everything.

Evie Barrow is an artist and illustrator, living in Melbourne. long with children’s book work, her illustrations have featured in frankie magazine, Broadsheet press, Flow magazine and in the book Shout Out to the Girls.

Author: Karen Foxlee
Illustrator: Evie Barrow
23 x 29 cm
40 pages

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