Heart of Country: Arnhem Land Bark | Author: Brenda Croft

The ?heart? of this title is the relationship to Country expressed in diverse and sometimes oblique ways by four generations of Indigenous artists from Arnhem Land and beyond. Core works come from a remarkable private collection of bark paintings assembled by Donna-Marie Kelly and Andrew Dyer, featuring some of the finest painters of Arnhem Land who are shown in strength ? Yirawala, Bobby Barrdjaray Nganjmirra and Wally Mandarrk.

The exhibition catalogue has been conceived as a unique educational resource. It includes commissioned texts by Professor Brenda L Croft, Gloria Morales, Apolline Kohen, Susan Jenkins, Ace Bourke, and an interview with Will Stubbs by Lara Nichols.

24.5 x18cm
96 pages

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