Hardcover Notebook | Rover Thomas All That Big Rain Coming

A slick and stylish accessory for writers with a love of contemporary art, attention to detail, and exceptional quality.

The cover of this notebook depicts a reproduction image of an known artwork painted by renowned Aboriginal artist Rover Thomas. The artwork description is about memories of the artist's fond nostalgia for Texas Downs. All that big rain coming from topside (1991) depicts a waterfall on the station. Thomas and his co-workers would seek relief from the long, hot and humid days of hard mustering in the wet season to 'holiday' at this waterfall, where the caves in the cliff face provided shelter.  The upper half of the painting shows channels of water running to the cliff's edge and then falling down the side of the hill. In the lower section, the brushy application of the yellow pigment combined with the varying density of paint produce a sense of light shining through the cascading torrents of water. The work is an outstanding example of Thomas's intuitive, painterly skill- a master's touch.

Artist: Rover Thomas
Size: 16 x 22cm
Pages: 112 Blank Pages

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