Hardcover Notebook | Pacinta Turner Wallaby Tracks & Rockholes

A slick and stylish accessory for writers with a love of contemporary art, attention to detail, and exceptional quality.

The cover of this journal depicts a reproduction image of an artwork titled Wallaby Tracks & Rockholes by Pacinta Turner Nakamarra. She was born in 1999 to artistic parents Caroline Numina Pananka and Daniel Turner Pula. Her mother’s aunt is the well-known and respected artist Gloria Petyarre, and her father is related to Minnie Pwerle. Painting has been passed down through the generations and Pacinta has developed a distinctive style whilst still representing the traditional Dreamings of her family.

Artist: Pacinta Turner Nakamarra
Size: 16 x 22 cm
Pages: 112 Blank Pages

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