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This handcrafted small paper flower vase from Octaevo, send it to someone special and they will feel like they are taking a trip around the Mediterranean. 

The outcome is a dynamic set of colourful paper vases, subtlety referencing the relationship between humanity and nature. Made of special waterproof paper that is embellished with laminate and sewn by hand, the vases are a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. Use these eye-catching vases to adorn your desk or dining table, or as a thoughtful and original gift.

Arrange your favourite flowers in the vase, brighten up your favourite spot, and let your imagination bloom! This handcrafted paper flower vase also doubles as a greeting card! Each vase also comes with instructions on how to best use the paper vase.


  • Includes: one paper vase, envelope and greeting card
  • Size: 16.8 x 16.8cm
  • Materials: 180GSM Waterproof paper


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