Greeting Card Pack | Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route | Pack of 12

This fantastic and vibrant card pack showcases some of the finest art to have been produced by Australian Aboriginal Artists. Featuring 12 cards with envelopes.

"It’s important for the stories to be told for the stock route from the Aboriginal point of view. If kartiya [white people] are celebrating 100 years, Aboriginal people should tell their story for history too ... People want to talk about their Country. They’re still worrying about Country." Joy Nuggett, Fitzroy Crossing, 2007

In 2007, nearly 70 Aboriginal artists travelled through the Canning Stock Route—a track in Western Australia along which cattle could be driven from Kimberley stations in the north to markets in the south—to return to places they had left as children, reconnect with family, or reclaim histories. This artworks featured in this card pack, Yiwarra Kuju, are the result of this journey. From the Aboriginal perspective, these works relate the story of the stock route's impact and the importance of the country around it.

12 Blank Cards with Envelopes

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