Greeting Card Pack | Mangkaja Arts | Pack of 12

This fantastic and vibrant card pack showcases some of the finest art to have been produced by the artists of the Mangkaja Arts. Featuring 12 cards with envelopes.

Mangkaja is a Walmajarri word for the wet weather shelters erected during wet season. Mangkaja Arts is a community of artists who share land, history and culture. The diversity of artists' backgrounds, between the river and the desert, upbringings and ages is evident in the work with a mix of imagery drawn from traditional, town and station life. Some of the artists have been painting for more than thirty years, they employ a full palette of acrylic colours with vibrant results. They have worked together in groups at Karrayili and Mangkaja yet, despite this communal approach, the artists have retained highly personalised styles. The art centre has produced a number of important artists recognised nationally and internationally for their contribution to the modern phase of Australian Aboriginal Art.

12 Blank Cards with Envelopes

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