Greeting Card Pack | Keringke Arts Blue | Pack of 12

This fantastic and vibrant card pack showcases some of the finest art to have been produced by the artists of the Keringke Art Centre. Featuring 12 cards with envelopes.

Keringke Art Centre is situated in the community of Ltyentye Apurte in the Central Australian region of the Northern Territory. The Centre was named after an important and ancient rock-hole nearby that was formed when an ancestor Kangaroo travelled through the country. Several of the Keringke Artists have responsibilities associated with the Keringke Rockhole site. Keringke Art Centre began with a nine week fabric-painting course back in 1987. By 1989, ATSIC funding had allowed the building of a purpose-built Art Centre. Various artists have developed a style of painting characterised by bright colours and fluid dynamic lines at Keringke Arts over a twenty five year period. During that time three generations of artists have used pattern, colour, shape and design to create paintings representing their sense of country, culture and self.

12 Blank Cards with Envelopes

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