Frank Stella

Frank Stella is a fully illustrated monograph, covering the landmark work and latest career developments of one of today's greatest living artists. "Stella now occupies a position similar to that of Kandinsky late in his career. He changed the history of art with his early work, but kept on moving." —The New York Times.

Initially influenced by the work of the abstract expressionists, Frank Stella subsequently rejected the movement in favour of more radical forms. In 1960 Stella presented his first series of aluminium paintings at the Leo Castelli gallery, causing the first upset in a long history of experiments that saw him tackling minimalism, post-painterly abstraction, and public art.

This book examines Stella's life and career in the context of the contemporary art world, featuring works from his recent blockbuster museum exhibitions as well as landmark works from throughout his career.

Author: Frank Stella, Kate Nesin, Andrianna Campbell, Terry Richardson, Lucas Blalock
29cm x 25cm
160 pages

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