Faceted Tumbler | Nerikomi | Made by Anne Mossman

These finely handcrafted nerikomi tumblers are beautiful objects d'art and a pleasure to drink from. Only very occasionally does a ceramicist like Anne Mossman come along - a maker whose work literally takes your breath away. Unbelievably detailed, thinly rendered and light - a wonderful piece for collectors of the finest Australian ceramics.

Anne Mossman is a Gold Coast ceramicist who works in the Japanese nerikomi technique. Nerikomi is a Japanese term used to describe the process of colouring and layering clays. It literally means ‘kneading’, which is a step used in evenly distributing a ceramic stain through a clay body. Each item's patterning is unique because it is made from a slab cut from a variegated block of coloured clays. An element of surprise is always intrinsic in the final product of the nerikomi process. For Anne, it is this very randomness that she finds intriguing and inspiring.

Materials: Porcelain
Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm (approximately)
Made in the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
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Please Note: As each tumbler is a one off and vary in terms of composition and colours please refer to the individual numbered photos to make your selection. At check out, please identify in the notes field which cup you would like by its number. For any further assistance please email store@mca.com.au

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