Eyeline Magazine | Issue 91

Eyeline is an Australian contemporary art magazine publishing criticism and analysis of contemporary visual arts, which is recognised for the quality of its writing, ideas and visual style, and its extensive coverage of events and exhibitions throughout Australia, the Asia-Pacific and internationally. In a unique content mix, Eyeline brings together exhibition and book reviews, artist interviews and monographs, specialist columns and researched articles about the people, ideas, and issues which are shaping the arts today.

In this Issue -

  • Posting Real Life: Wes Hill Interviews Sarah Contos - Rebecca O'Dwyer
  • Wozzeck: Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House - David Corbet

  • Lisa Ross: I Can't Sleep: Homage To A Uyghyr Homeland, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, New York - Bansie Vasvani 
  • One Last Time: Bellas Gallery, Brisbane - Michele Helmrich


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