Eventually Everything Connects | Author: Loris Lora

"Eventually Everything Connects" works like a panorama, sweeping from private to public settings: the Eames’ house to the set of "Vertigo" to the Brown Derby and the Beverly Hills Hotel. The idea is to...establish a sense of the ways in which ideas, art and expression, overlap. In "Eventually Everything Connects," Lora celebrates (both literally and figuratively) this horizontal vision, in stunning imagistic terms."
LA Times

How is Alfred Hitchcock connected to Charles and Ray Eames, or famed premier model Peggy Moffitt and actor Steve McQueen? Did you know that Dennis Hopper was a photographer? Or that Walt Disney thought Psycho was “disgusting”? Loris Lora links the movers and shapers of the California modernist movement like no one before her in this luxurious hardback Leporello. The Leporello format is unique: the work is comprised of a double-sided accordion panorama of the featured individuals and a pull-out poster that lists the connections between the individuals. 

As much an art piece as a book! Unfurl 4 metres of this gorgeous frieze, unfold the oversize connect-the-dots map inside, and discover that at the end of the day… Eventually Everything Connects!

34.0 x 25.0cm
24 pages

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