Duel/Dual | Author: Brook Andrew

This is a collaborative artists’ book by Brook Andrew and Trent Walter, drawn predominantly from the State Library of Victoria’s pictures collection, with interventions from the artists’ archives. A series of juxtaposed image propositions, its assembly forms new relational narratives connecting the artists’ cultural perspectives of Wiradjuri/Sri Lankan/Celtic/European with topics of conflict, immigration, hope, confusion, complicity and power amongst image, shape, concealment and shadow.

Dual/Duel creates a new space for looking through often cliché, but specific, images of power and narrative. The artists’ book simultaneously creates and examines pictorial connections that explore the implications of these associations to form new narratives about how we might begin to explain the histories they conjure.

Authors: Brook Andrew & Trent Walter
35 x 27cm
136 pages


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