Activity kit | Drawing people

Do you have a budding young Leonardo da Vinci in your house? Encourage them in their creative pursuits with this fun and inspirational drawing kit - designed to challenge kids and young adults to explore the many aspects and techniques of drawing the human figure. 

The detailed drawing guide will take you through the steps of drawing people, including body shapes, poses and positions, how to create eye shapes, master the always tricky hands and so much more! Including a 40 page drawing pad and all the drawing materials you need to get started - this is a sure fire boredom buster that will inspire and excite young minds.

Includes a dual-tip fine line pen (0.4 mm and 1.2 mm); dual tip blue and red pencil HB lead pencil; eraser and sharpener
Presented in a handy and portable storage box
Recommended for ages 5+
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