Detective Special | Author: Prudence Murphy

Detective Special invites us to examine our response to guns ? the gun as fetish, the gun as purchasable part, the gun transcending the world of play and moving across borders in the form of illegal trafficking. For over a year, Murphy researched and collected guns, dismembered them with a hacksaw and photographed them.

The images are formal, ordered, and perfectly proportioned so as to mimic the finely rendered and dissected parts of real gun components provided for the customising of weapons. They may also suggest the rituals of stripping and cleaning of weapons; or bring to mind the documentary images of guns confiscated and destroyed by law enforcement authorities; or the phenomenon of contraband weapons ? where guns are dismantled and sent piecemeal over a period of time, or smuggled across borders.

32.0 x 24.0cm
56 pages

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