Deplace.e.s | Author: JR

JR (Paris, 1983) is considered one of the most important street artists of the last 20 years, famous throughout the world for his projects that combine photography, public art, and social commitment. The problems of migrants and refugees, which are becoming increasingly hot topics, have long been part of JR's investigation. 

With the Deplace·e·s project, launched in 2022 and presented for the first time in this exhibition, the artist has travelled to crisis zones ranging from war-torn Ukraine to the refugee camps of Mugombwa in Rwanda, Mbera in Mauritania, Cucuta in Colombia, and Lesvos in Greece. His aim is inviting reflection on the harsh conditions in which thousands of people find themselves today due to conflicts, wars, famine, and climate change, also engaging audiences excluded from the artistic and cultural circuit. Valeriia, Thierry, Kevine, Andiara, Angel, Jamal, Ajara, Mozhda, Moise are the names of the children who embody forced migrations. By enlarging their portraits on huge banners, JR gives back an identity to those who are deprived of it. Edited on the occasion of the exhibition in Turin gathering for the first time these portraits, Deplace·e·s features a previously unpublished interview by Arturo Galansino and Stephane Malfettes with JR.

29.3 x 25.1 cm
128 pages


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