The World of Urban Decay 2 | Author: Martin ten Bouwhuijs

When exploring the remains of forgotten buildings and abandoned lots in Eastern and Western Europe, a sign with "Trespassers will be prosecuted!" is usually what you'll find outside. Imposing, seemingly lifeless structures?some abandoned for more than 25 years? including churches, mortuaries, factories, hospitals, swimming pools, and more, become reanimated in this series of arresting, sensually provocative images. On many buildings, unaffected by human interference for years, only beautiful, natural decay can be seen: moss growing on mattresses and cars, wallpaper peeling, and complete floors - beds, pianos, and all?having completely collapsed.

These images are the results of daring photographic escapades, out of which is born a new appreciation for the beautiful architecture and the awe-inspiring grandeur of far-gone days. Surreal angles, from bottoms of stairwells in vacant sanatoria, and in an unsupervised Swedish junkyard, bring the photography to life and keep the interest in this urban expedition at a thrilling peak.

21.6 x 27.9cm
176 Pages

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