J. W. Power: Abstraction-Creation: Paris 1934 | Author: A.D.S. Donaldson

A long forgotten 1934 exhibition by the Australian expatriate JW Power at the Abstraction-Creation gallery in Paris provides the key to understanding this most elusive artist. Stephen and Donaldson argue that Power is Australia's most important avant-gardist of the early twentieth century. In the interwar years, Power moved between cities, immersing himself in both contemporary and historical art, this restlessness leading to his own unique painting: part abstract surrealism, part-surreal abstraction. Virginia Spate examines Power's creative process through the analysis of a single painting. J.W. Power Abstraction-Creation reveals how Power's work illuminates the relationships between Sydney and Paris, and between France and Australia, an exchange that goes to the heart of Australia's modernism.

  • Winner of the University Art Museums Australia Inaugural Publication Award, 2013


116 Pages

220 x 310 x 22.1 mm


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