Characteristic Faces: On Hawk Noses and Chubby Cheeks | Author: Bert Sliggers

Prejudices and stereotypes are as ancient as mankind. Why do we think we can deduce someone's characteristics by their appearance? This book is based on the contested theory of Italian doctor Lombroso on the heredity of criminality. Lombroso stated that criminal behaviour is a part of human nature. He wanted to prove some forms of criminality are hereditary.

Facial features, corporal a basis to stigmatise people. But how do we deal with appearance these days, in a multicultural society? Do we still presume 'other' features are 'suspicious'? Is there such a thing as a 'born criminal'? This book also pays attention to phenomena such as physical anthropology, craniometry and phrenology.

26.0 x 21.0cm
176 Pages

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