Grayson Perry: Making Meaning | Author: Jenny Uglow

The internationally renowned British artist Grayson Perry, winner of the Turner Prize in 2003, is a vivid chronicler of contemporary life. His work abounds with autobiographical references, which can be read in tandem with issues relating to class, taste and the status of artists and artisans.

Packed with vivid images, and a number of gatefold pages, this book provides an overview of Perry's fascinating career focusing on his work in a variety of media ranging from ceramic and tapestry to embroidery and print. The acclaimed art historian and biographer Jenny Uglow provides a personal insight into Perry's work, and interviews between Perry, Christopher Le Brun, painter and President of the Royal Academy, and Tim Marlow, the RA's Artistic Director, reveal the many sides of Perry's personality.

This book accompanies the exhibition 'Making Meaning', curated by Erin Manns and is the first exhibition in a three year collaboration between the Gallery at Windsor and the Royal Academy.

Winner of the 2003 Turner Prize, Grayson Perry CBE RA is one of Britain's best-known artists. Renowned for his ceramic vases and appearances as his female alter ego Claire, he curated the show 'The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman' (2011) at the British Museum, and delivered the BBC's influential Reith Lectures, which he entitled 'Playing to the Gallery', in 2013. The prizewinning biographer Jenny Uglow has written on Elizabeth Gaskell, William Hogarth, Thomas Bewick and Edward Lear, among many others.


80 Pages

29.0 x 24.5  x 0.9 cm

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