Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrap the world: The story of two groundbreaking environmental artists | Author: G. Neri

From Coretta Scott King Honor recipient G. Neri and acclaimed illustrator Elizabeth Haidle comes an exploration of love, art, and the gifts that two brilliant creators gave the world.

When they first met, Christo was a poor refugee, and Jeanne-Claude knew nothing about art, but they were both rule-breakers and kindred spirits. Christo?s innovative creations?everyday objects wrapped to make people reconsider them?sparked Jeanne-Claude?s imagination. Thus began their lifelong partnership as husband and wife, and as artistic collaborators whose once-in-a-lifetime public installations captivated viewers and asked: What is art? Who does it belong to? And how can it help us reimagine the world around us??

Illustrated by:?Elizabeth Haidle
23 x 27cm

48 Pages

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