Chocolate bar | Milk | Wattleseed & candied orange

This classy chocolate bar has a touch of wattleseed for that coffee and nutty flavour combined with the classic taste of candied orange. It is a celebration of some of Australia's finest bush food ingredients made into a sweet little bar.

For over 50,000 years, Indigenous Australians have lived off the land and consumed bush foods for their health and nutrition. This stunningly presented collection of incredible foods are not only good for you but hold a unique Aboriginal cultural story.  

Handmade in Melbourne
Ingredients: milk chocolate 33.4% cocoa (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier:soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), citrus peel (orange peel (38%), sugar, glucose and fructose syrup, lemon peel (10%), citric acid (330), potasium sorbate (202), sodium metabisulphite (223), wattleseed

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