Calm the F**k Down

A hilariously simple solution to the problems facing us in today's culture. Instead of getting angry about traffic, fretting over the upcoming election, or freaking out about that cute baby...CALM THE F*CK DOWN.

We have found ourselves living in a very intense, angry world. We live in fear of unprovoked or unwarranted public shaming and ostracism. And the media (print, digital, and entertainment alike) only perpetuates this acute judgement of others and social policing. What everyone needs to do is CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

Oh, your family is dysfunctional? Calm the fuck down. You're on a "cleanse." Calm the fuck down. Unicorns. Calm the fuck down.

Calm the Fuck Down is a radical humor book and guide to ridding ourselves of the anxiety and anger that plagues our world. It makes the perfect humorous gift for the person in your life that just needs to take a breath.


127 x 178 x 15.24mm

128 Pages 

Collections: STAYING IN

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