Brent Harris: Surrender & Catch | Author: Maria Zagala

Brent Harris: Surrender & Catch seeks to map the ways in which Harris?s art has developed over the past four decades. It presents an overview of Harris?s career, and through a number of in-depth essays explores critical aspects of Harris?s complex and layered work. The contributors employ a range of interpretive modes and formats to apprehend Harris?s art: from analysis of one work, methodology or theme, to interview. These approaches provide new insights into Harris?s practice and contribute to the growing literature on the artist.

The book reprints two important essays ? one by James Mollison on Harris?s early series Bubbles, Just a Feeling and Sleep, 2004, and the other by the artist on the personal significance of Colin McCahon?s painting The Family, 1947. An illustrated chronology by Tim Riley Walsh offers a detailed timeline of the artist?s life. These essays will provide a rich context through which to view the comprehensive illustrations, featured in the book.

28.8 x 22.7cm
200 pages


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