Bowie, Cambo & All the Hype | Author: John Cambridge

Bowie, Cambo & All the Hype traces the extraordinary and pivotal friendship between David Bowie and drummer John Cambridge, from the time when Bowie made his first major career breakthrough in 1969 to his death from cancer in 2016.

John ?Cambo? Cambridge lived with Bowie at Haddon Hall when he had his first hit record ?Space Oddity? and toured with him in Junior?s Eyes. He was there when Bowie lost his father, passed his driving test and played his first Glam Rock gig with Hype, even acting as best man when Bowie married Angela Barnett in 1970. And if John had not persuaded his former Rats colleague Mick Ronson to join Bowie in February 1970, there might never have been a Ziggy Stardust or the stellar career which followed.

In Bowie, Cambo & All the Hypewe get a backstage pass to meet the key people and witness the events of those crucial times in a funny, moving, story of a unique friendship that survived the Hype.

19.8 x 12.9cm
260 pages