Boab nut | Keziah Archie | small | assorted designs

In the Kimberly region, the boab tree (a bottle shaped tree also found in parts of Africa) produces boab nuts from May to September - the dry season. This amazing resource is utilised in a myriad of ways by the?Miriwoong?people whose country spans a vast area encompassing the East Kimberly, Kunnunurra,?Lake Argyle, the Keep River and the Ord River. Boab nuts are used as a food source, medicinal aid, a musical instrument,?and as seen here, a fine art object bearing intricate and beautiful carved designs.

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is a living, growing art centre celebrating the uniqueness of Miriwoong cultural identity. It is?the first wholly First Nations owned art centre established in Western Australia and one of the oldest continuously operating art centres in Australia supporting economic independence for artists and their community.

Artist:?Keziah Archie
Size: 5-7 x 10-12cm long

Note:?These Boabs are a seed of an organic nature. Due to importation restrictions we are unable to send them to overseas destinations and as such we they are available to Australian domestic customers only.

Each Boab is?sold separately and come in various designs. We cannot guarantee which option you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders. If you have a preference please leave a note at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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