Blanket | Cotton | Murdie Nampijinpa Morris | 125 x 150cm

This beautiful knitted throw features a stunning work by Murdie Nampijinpa Morris.

In this Dreaming story, two dog ancestors, a Jampijinpa and a Napangardi, travelled from the west to the east. At Tapu (a rockhole), the two dogs separated. The female dog, Napangardi, went to the south. The male dog, Jampijinpa, went to the north. Eventually he became lonely and howled for Napangardi in the south. She came running to him, and they married each other at Ngarnka. There were many families of dogs, mothers and fathers and children and uncles all living together. Jampijinpa and Napangardi made a burrow to rest in and started a big family of dogs there. They chose to stay in Warlaku and live with all the other dogs. In this way, the 'malikijarra Jukurrpa' (two dogs Dreaming) tells the story of proper conduct in families and marriages.

Created by local enterprise, Better World Arts, these beautiful blankets are a product of a cross cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs with the work of impoverished artisans from around the world.

100% cotton
125 x 150cm

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