Before Time Today: Reinventing Tradition in Aurukun Aboriginal Art | Author: Sally Butler

What determines 'traditional' Aboriginal art in an era when modern media such as aluminium, acrylic paint and even cast-off fishing nets have become the media of choice for contemporary artists? What is the relationship between artworks that share similar forms, but whose ceremonial functions of the past wither beneath the imperatives of cultural and socio-economic survival in the twenty-first century?

Before Time Today- Reinventing Tradition in Aurukun Aboriginal Art considers these issues within the context of unique, stunning art from the remote north Queensland Aboriginal community of Aurukun.

Extensive high-quality reproductions of Aurukun's charismatic carvings, weavings and paintings illustrate the inspiring connections between art and life, and demonstrate how a reinvention of artistic tradition fuels creativity and innovation in keeping culture strong and vibrant; relevant and resistant.Contributors include Peter Sutton, David Martin and John von Sturmer, each of whom has worked closely with the Aurukun community for decades, and shares a profound understanding about how art 'matters' in the fight for cultural survival.

Author: Sally Butler
29 x 24.3cm
160 pages

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