Artlink Magazine | Issue 43:2 | After AI

Artlink is a quarterly themed magazine covering contemporary art and ideas from Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

In this issue:
After AI responds to the deceptively ‘sudden’ arrival of accessible generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. Writers consider a raft of questions: where the ‘machine’ ends and human creativity begins, and whether such boundaries are even possible after AI. What are the impacts for creative productivity and imagination, intellectual property, collective cultural assets and the human mind and memory? And how might we critique ‘science-fiction’, ‘truth’, ‘image’ and ‘the photograph’ in this new age? Through historical overviews, interviews, profiles, playful conjectures and in-depth analysis of art works, this issue scopes the philosophical and practical ramifications of AI on the contemporary art sector.

Editor: Una Rey

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