Artist Profile Magazine | Issue 55 | 2021

Artist Profile is a quarterly journal of in-depth and exclusive interviews with contemporary visual artists.

Perceptions do count. Throughout this 55th issue of Artist Profile our writers reflect on many views, stances, attitudes and situations.

The works and the life of John Olsen have been examined ever since his first exhibition in 1955. Pippa Mott’s cover essay on the artist’s work, life and his upcoming exhibition at Sydney’s National Art School is a remarkable tale of perceptions which indirectly comments on the visual arts culture in Australia. This exhibition is an opportunity for major institutions to follow the School’s lead to shift perceptions about the notion of contemporary art and the place artists like Olsen have, in this porous notion of ‘contemporary.’ 

In Kirsty Baker’s article on New Zealand-based Jasmine Togo-Brisby, the artist challenges the current Australian Prime Minister on his government’s perception that slavery never existed in Australia. Sasha Grishin’s wonderful tribute to the late sculptor Inge King is a journey of perceptions through a multiplicity of prejudices which she had to overcome, as Sasha writes, to crescendo in making her finest works in her nineties. Must Reads are Emma Finneran’s article on Vincent Namatjira (page 88) and Stephanie Claire’s article on the late Albert Namatjira (page 138). 

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