Artist Profile Magazine | Issue 54 | 2020

Artist Profile is a quarterly journal of in-depth and exclusive interviews with contemporary visual artists.

In the cover essay for Artist Profile Issue 54, Erin McFadyen’s essay on Henson prepares us for his new solo exhibition which, using his archives, reconsiders his work as a younger artist, the passage of his life and works over time. The formal devices in Henson’s work, whether landscape, portrait or group of figures – transient paths, gaps and connections – touch our emotions and invite us to contemplate the power of love and death without fear.
Issue 54 includes; in search of: Bill Henson, John von Sturmer, Henry Curchod, Wendy Stavrianos, Fiona Foley, William Yang, Tira Walsh, Mathew Simms, Christopher Hodges, Claudia Greathead, Olga Cironis, plus more across previews, reviews, books, and artists in the first person.​

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