Artist Profile Magazine | Issue 52 | 2019

Artist Profile is a quarterly journal of in-depth and exclusive interviews with contemporary visual artists.

This issue features Sydney artist Steven Lopes on the cover - whose 'Uncomfortable Beauty' shows an important look into the various representations of humanity. 


  • Genevieve Carroll by Lucy Stranger
  • Amos Gebhardt by Drew Pettifer
  • Steve Lopes by Kon Gouriotis
  • Julia Morison by Balamohan Shingade
  • Trevelyan Clay by Oscar Perry
  • Noŋgirrŋa Marawili by Louise Martin-Chew
  • Gary Carsley by Rose Vickers
  • Eugenia Raskopoulos by Michael Do
  • Royston Harpur by H.R. Hyatt-Johnston
  • Kim Guthrie by Pippa Mott


  • Poem - Teena McCarthy

  • Process - Eleanor Louise-Butt

  • Process - Richard Blackwell

  • Tribute - Ron Hogan by Brad Buckley

  • Essay - Patronage without Power by Judith Pugh

  • Essay - The First Nude by Paul McGillick

  • Preview - Michael Cook by Elli Walsh

  • Around the Grounds - Stephen Haley; Sally Stokes; Julian Meagher by Emma-Kate Wilson; Nicholas Harding by Emma Finneran

  • Preview - Michael Vale by Lucy Hawthorne

  • Preview - Lisa Adams by Amelia Winata

  • Preview - Mount Zero by Bridget Macleod

  • Book - The Stranger Artist by Jeremy Eccles

  • Review - Xu Zhen by Michael Young

  • Discovery - Jonathan Kim by Liv Spiers


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