Art Monthly Magazine | Issue 325 | September - November 2020

Art Monthly is Australasia’s flagship visual arts publication, providing a critical platform for its artists. Published since 1987 under six full-time editors (Peter Townsend, Peter Timms, Philippa Kelly, Deborah Clark, Maurice O’Riordan and, from 2014, Michael Fitzgerald), it is Australasia’s only visual arts magazine placing visual arts in a contemporary, historical and regional context.


  • Pat Larter: Femail artist Lisa Catt and Claire Eggleston
  • Hand over hand: Jane O'Sullivan
  • The past is female: A reading of Odd Roads and She Persissts, Louise R. Mayhew
  • Signal Creative: Thinking about you, and counting the beat, Abigail Moncrieff 
  • Moving Together: The practices and activism of Amrita Hepi and Bhenji Ra, Annette An-Jen Liu 

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