Art Collector Magazine | issue 108 | apr-jun 2024

Every quarter, Art collector features profiles on leading artists, gallerists and collectors. You’ll also find art news, analysis of important issues affecting collectors and previews of forthcoming exhibitions across Australia and New Zealand.

In this issue:
Our annual Undiscovered & Underrated feature looks at those currently unrepresented artists making waves across the region. We also present those exceptional long practicing artists our writers feel deserve more attention.

We explore the practices of Mabel Juli, Aiko Robinson, Julie Gough, Jason Phu, Louise Haselton, Abdullah M. I. Syed, Jake Preval and many more.

We take you inside the expansive ARDNT Collection, and Tasmanian art space Constance ARI; plus see what gets done in a day at Bula’bula Art Centre.

We examine artworld topics of interest to collectors now: the obligation of cultural competence; exclusivity in the artworld; and what do we do with the work of older white, male artists?

You’ll also find previews of notable forthcoming exhibitions and our round up of artists to see at the upcoming premier national and international art fairs and biennales.

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