Alarm clock | Lexon Flip Premium

Sick of fumbling to find the off button on your current alarm clock? Maybe you want to disconnect and keep your phone out of the bedroom but still need that extra shove to wake up in the mornings. This beautiful alarm clock from Lexon is the perfect bedside companion, and all you have to do is flip it over to start or stop an alarm. 

Want to set your alarm clock? You just have to turn it over so that the ON side is visible. Day off? Make sure the OFF side is facing up. Equipped with touch controls, you can easily snooze the alarm and adjust the lighting with a simple tap on the screen.

Reversible LCD alarm clock
Lock system for travel
3 month battery life
Rechargeable via USB-C
Aluminium casing
10.4 x 6.5 x 2.6cm 


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