After Before Time | Author: Robbi Neal

Since the beginning of 2009, Robbi Neal and her family have been living in a remote Aboriginal community where she and her husband Peter manage an Arts Centre. She has been a Baptist pastor, a welfare worker, an artist whose work at the Castlemaine Fringe Festival was banned by the Catholic Church, a single mother, a retailer and freelance writer.

The narratives tell familiar stories - of dispossession, destitution, children being taken away, hopelessness and powerlessness - but it tells them in a very different, direct, simple and powerfully moving way. Robbi Neal captures in a unique and compelling way the voices and histories of these people - their warmth, humour, wisdom and often their irrepressible joy. AFTER BEFORE TIME is profoundly fresh, powerful and moving

Author: Robbi Neal
21 x 16 cm
320 pages

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