A Tiny Story of Blinky Bill: A Classic Australian Favourite | Author: Dorothy Wall

Introduce your children to the loveable Australian icon, Blinky Bill. Originally published in 1942, this classic piece of Australian History has been re-worked for a young audience. Follow Blinky and his friends, Splodge the Kangaroo and Wally the Wombat, on their night time fishing adventure in Farmer Brown's boat.

Dorothy Wall was a New Zealand-born author and illustrator of children's fiction books. She is most famous for creating Blinky Bill, an anthropomorphic koala who was the central character in her books Blinky Bill: the Quaint Little Australian, Blinky Bill Grows Up and Blinky Bill and Nutsy .

Board Book
22.0 x 16.5cm
12 pages

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