A life electric: A story of Nikola Tesla | Author: Azadeh Westergaard

A lyrical biography of the eccentric engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. Exploring his ground-breaking inventions against the backdrop of his private life, A Life Electric introduces Nikola Tesla to young readers. 

Born at the stroke of midnight during a lightning storm, Nikola Tesla grew up to become one of the most important electrical inventors in the world. But before working with electricity, he was a child who loved playing with the animals on his family's farm in Serbia. An inventor since childhood, Tesla's patents encompassed everything from radar and remote-control technology to wireless communications. But his greatest invention was the AC induction motor, which used alternating currents ( AC) to distribute electricity and which remains the standard for electric distribution today. 

Illustrator: Jolia Sard
26.1 x 21.2cm
40 pages

Collections: KIDS, KIDS BOOKS

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