A documentary HerStory of women artists in revolution | Author: Lucy R. Lippard

A rare, ever-relevant compendium of texts and manifestos from women artists on gender and race issues in cultural institutions. Originally published in 1971, A Documentary HerStory of Women Artists in Revolution documents the efforts of W.A.R., a group of women artists, filmmakers, writers and cultural workers organised around advancing the place of women in the art world. Active from 1969 to 1971, W.A.R. was founded as the women's caucus of the Art Workers' Coalition (AWC), which mobilised around anti-war protest and anti-racist action, as well as campaigning for artists' rights and wages.

This facsimile publication of A Documentary HerStory of Women Artists in Revolution gathers manifestos, statements and declarations by W.A.R. members; articles and reports about gendered and racialized discrimination in the arts; pro-abortion flyers and protest ephemera; and grant applications and reports detailing the founding of the Women's Interart Center in spring 1970, W.A.R.'s brick-and-mortar studio, workshop and exhibition space.

Text by: Lucy R. LippardGrace GlueckEmily GenaeurSilvia GoldsmithPoppy Johnson
26.6 x 20.3cm
80 pages

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