18th Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Inner Sanctum | Author: Jose Da Silva

The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art is Australia's longest-running platform for contemporary art. Inner Sanctum is its eighteenth iteration, bringing together 24 artists and poets. It is a nuanced endeavour, reminding us with grace and subtlety of our humanity in all its fragility, poetry, and strength.

The exhibition and book by curator Jose Da Silva are presented in five parts: The Inland Sea; A Clearing, A Periphery; The River Path; A Quiet Spot; and The Writing of Love and Finding It. Each part documents projects in the exhibition with accompanying poetry and illustrations. Here, the idea of an 'inner sanctum' illustrates the private or sacred spaces we create and the faculty of imagination that allows us to see culture and society differently.

28.7 x 24.7cm
240 pages

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