Smart Lens 2.0 Clip On Phone | Set of Three

Take your photography to the next level. Compatible with all smart phones and tablets, each smart lens clips on to your phone to give different effects and amazing pictures.
VIGNETTE LENS: Creates a subtle gradient around the edge of the image, for a vintage look that draws the viewers eye to the centre of the image. Effective for both portraits and landscapes. 
KALEIDOSCOPE LENS: Creates a magical 6-image mirage – one flower becomes six. Most effective for individual items on a plain background.
STARBURST LENS: Add a stylised starburst effect to photos and videos. Most impactful when used for scenic shots. 

Each lens easily screws on and off the provided clip. 
Protective lens caps and phone clip included.
Soft fabric storage pouch included.
No batteries required.

Collections: GIFT IDEAS, TECH

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