No Plan At All | Author: Tacita Dean

Whether it's Georg Baselitz or Olafur Eliasson, Tacita Dean or Martin Kippenberger: these are the greats who have frequented Niels Borch Jensen's printmaking studio in Copenhagen. And they've been coming and going for more than forty years! Not only because of his special, farsighted expertise, which contributes to the congenial creation of unique works of art, but also due to his wish to reject any imposition of aesthetic limitations and to constantly attempt new things. A look at the story of the studio and its founder, therefore, also means taking a look through the kaleidoscope of contemporary art history.

This volume is an excursion behind the scenes at the famous printmaking workshop. Exclusive artist interviews and the personal recollections of Niels Borch Jensen offer intriguing insights into the craft of printmaking and the collaborations with epoch-making artists.

28.9 x 24.3cm
288 pages

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