Surfing - Water is Freedom | Author: Russell Ord

‘It’s more than just moments in time, It’s about the connection with people and the environment, creating content that reflects this very essence’ Russell Ord

Russell Ord's spectacular images have won him worldwide recognition, and deservedly so. Based in Western Australia, Russell is renowned for his awesome images of super-thick empty peaks and heavy sessions at reefs like The Box and The Right. Nobody else in the world swims in the heaviest slab waves in the world, putting life, limb and limb on the line to capture such dramatic and fantastically composed photos.

In Surfing - Water is Freedom, Russell teams with noted local writer Anthony Pancia to tell the story ‘behind the waves' - the people who surf them, those who make their livelihoods from them, and who follow the culture with a passion.

Author: Anthony Pancia
Photography: Russell Ord
34 x 21 x 3cm
290 pages

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