Rebecca Warren - The Living

This catalogue by Rebecca Warren is being published to document her show at the Kunstverein, Munich, which took place in 2013. The book includes images of Warren's works installed in the gallery as well as detail photographs and an in-depth interview with the artist. Warren's sculptures ebb from figuration to abstraction and range from amorphous to more clearly recognizable forms, which are sometimes sexual in nature and reference the body in challenging ways. Always evident in Warrens work is the negotiation between thought and process. Ideas (about authorship and authenticity) and influences (literary, psychological and pop cultural references in addition to variously audible echoes from art history) are filtered, distorted and often discarded as they find three-dimensional form. Her sculptures can be tender and droll. She often manages to both invoke and skewer the work of familiar male artists like Willem de Kooning, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Giacometti and cartoonist R. Crumb. However, while acknowledging a debt to certain key elements of Modernist Sculpture, her work also re-engages with them to produce new modes.

70 pages

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