James Turrell: Zug Zuoz

James Turrell (born 1943) first came to prominence in the late 1960s as a leading artist in the California Light and Space Movement. Informed by his studies in perceptual psychology and optical illusions, Turrell's works impact the body, mind and spirit. "Zug Zuoz" is devoted to two contrasting Turrell installations in Switzerland, both of which forge an encounter between the architectural interior and the world beyond it. "Light Transport," located in the city of Zug, immerses the internal facades and glass roof of the local train station in splendid colors; "Skyspace Piz Uter" in Zuoz is a plain, rounded stone structure with a circular aperture in its roof through which to view the night sky. These two works are usefully representative of the dichotomies explored in Turrell's practice: artificial versus natural light, urban versus rural settings, color versus blackness. This monograph supplies thorough documentation on the two installations.

28.5 x 21cm
176 pages

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