Ivan Navarro

Ivan Navarro is known internationally for his socio-politically charged sculptures of neon and fluorescent light. The sculptures and installations of Ivan Navarro grow out of the legacy of minimalism and modern design, but they subvert the cool detachment of their forms with pointed socio-political critique. Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1972, Navarro grew up under Pinochet's brutal military dictatorship. In order to better understand this dark history, Navarro uses light, a symbol of hope and truth, as his medium, constructing chairs, ladders, doors, and even shopping carts out of neon and fluorescent lights. With their ambient glow and live current, the works are equally seductive and unnerving.

In this first monograph on the artist, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz considers the personal stories underlying Navarro's sleek, industrially produced works. In conversation with Hilarie M. Sheets, Navarro discusses his relationship to modernism, minimalism, and language.

27.9 x 22.9cm
192 pages

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